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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Stargate, Worm Hole, Galactic Center?

Have been watching a 2 DVD set by William Henry titled Stargate 2012. Fascinating!

Most of his research is on Sumerian, Babylonian and Egyptian symbolism and mythology. He references material from Early Christian, Masonic, Cathar, Rosicrucian, Asian and other sources. The scope of his research is remarkable.

Even though he only minimally relates it to Mayan material, it is clearly relevant to the upcoming 2012 end date. The idea that people were able to open worm holes into other dimensions is parallel to the concept of 'portals' in Mayan Cosmology. Some portals were permanent, others temporary. Accessing portals was among the powers of the shaman.

He says that the ancients possessed the worm hole technology and that many today are searching for it. He shows examples from art of many times and places that seems to indicate the operation of these worm holes. What humans call gods are beings who have arrived on earth via these worm holes.

Henry also shows that these early cultures possessed what he calls a Milky Way Metaphysics, another concept shared with the Maya. The Maya saw the Milky Way as the Cosmic Tree, The Sak Be 'the White Way' the Xibal Be 'the Path of Awe or Veneration.'

His research has shown that there is a type of cosmic glue which holds the Universe together, which he refers to as Love. Interesting that the word for that 'glue' in Mayan is 'Itz' and in Arabic it's 'Ishk.' Sufis say that 'Ishk' (Love) holds the Universe together.

"Life is about preparation for existence on another dimension," he says in the YouTube presentation on his website.

I definitely want to know more about what this guy has to say. What I have seen so far resonates deeply with me and somehow I know it's true.

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  1. Fascinating! I've been reading a lot about 2012 as well and I'm thrilled you have a blog about this - just joined up!