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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Go Out of Your Mind, Slow Down and Go Into the Zone

I continued watching Ian Xel Lungold's videos and this one was very thought-provoking - Lost Secrets of the Maya vol 2. He goes beyond explanation of Calleman's theory to add his own thoughts and perceptions.

He says that our mind can only process at a certain rate. We are maxed out now. This is the greatest cause of stress. Our minds are trying to keep up with all the changes. He suggests that we just 'go out of our minds' and move into intuition. He says that intuition moves so much faster than our mind. Rather than trying to understand and figure out what is going on, we do what athletes do. He called it 'moving into the zone'.

Not being into sports, I'm not sure what that means, but I think it means that you train like the dickens, then when it's time to perform, you let your well-trained body act without thinking about it. When you do this, things may appear to slow down so that they are manageable.

Now, since synchrony is alive more than ever, today as I am writing this two 'coincidences'. On the Herbal Highway show on KPFA, Jane Bell (my flower essence teacher) was the guest speaker. She talked about resting, relaxing and slowing down. Then the next show, Caroline Casey, Visionary Activist, was about slowing down. Her guest speaker Woody Tasch, talked about 'slow money' and 'slow food.'

And for those of you who know, my recent accident, where I broke my ankle, has definitely slowed me down.

I am working on the CD of my Mayan Hieroglyphs class, which I needed to do and hope to have it available for sale here soon.

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