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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Taking a Second Look

Since I am restricted a lot right now by my broken ankle, I watched 2012: Science or Superstition again and have to revise my assessment of it. It is a very informative and valuable DVD.

It includes Anthony Aveni (an archaeo-astronomer) who is pooh poohing "all the hype." I am fascinated by those who decry the hoopla, but still want to get in on it and put in their two cents.

Lawrence Joseph includes the information on the Sun's activity vis-a-vis global warming etc. Apparently sunspot activity will peak in 2012. There is a lot of information given on what could happen to the planet because our electro-magnetic shields happen to be going down during this time of heightened sunspot activity.

They also discuss the reversal of the poles, which has occurred dozens of times during the history of the Earth. Of course, it has not happened for quite a long time and not during human history.

Another fascinating idea was presented which was that the alignment of the December solstice Sun in 2012 was like an eclipse. Our Sun will 'eclipse' the Galactic Center. One of the presenters said that whatever beneficial energy the GC sends us, would be cut off for awhile. The effect was likened to a momentary power outage. What is momentary in terms of the Galactic Center? These days, when most electronic equipment is digital, we find that all our clocks and even our micro-wave oven and coffee pot, have to be reset. Not a big deal, but annoying. If you forget to reset, your coffee won't get made automatically in the morning. But... there could be much worse effects.

So what is it that comes out of the GC that we need?

Alberto Villoldo talks a lot about the Inca prophecies. When the Inca elders took the pulse of the Earth, they said it was going to be much worse than first predicted. There will be cascading environmental collapses that will result in the deaths of millions. Clearly this is already happening and has been for awhile. We have been having many weather-related disasters, fires, earthquakes, etc. Mortality statistics never include animals and plants. They die too. So, counting up all the loss of life, we are already seeing 'deaths in the millions.'

I guess when I watched it the first time I was a little distracted by my own physical condition and the pain meds I am forced to take to cope with it.

Meanwhile, as I prepare to teach my course in June in Mayan Hieroglyphs, I am reviewing and updating my research material.

There is an inscription at Palenque in the Temple of the Cross which begins 9 years prior to the ending of the last 13 baktun period, so it begins 3122 B.C. It was not an apocalypse situation but rather a 'contact' event between the gods and earth.

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