Countdown to 12-21-2012

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Solstice 2011 - One Year to Go

Here we go...if you thought there was a lot of actions (hype) surrounding 2012 before, you will be mowed down by it now. EVERYONE is getting on the bandwagon.

The most recent buzz is about the so-called 'second reference' to the 2012 end date found on the Comalcalco brick.

The complete Long Count date for the last day is 4 Ahau 3 Kankin.

The last part, 4 Ahau 3 Kankin, is called the Calendar Round (CR). It consists of a tzolkin date (Ahau) from the 260 day calendar and a haab date (Kankin) from the 360+5 day calender. These two cycles run continuously and repeat a particular combination every 52 years.

This was one of the repeating cycles connected to the Mayan prophetic tradition. It was thought that events would recur each time a particular combination came up. Another cycle for prophecy was the katun cycle used in the Chilam Balam.

This second reference consists of a CR and some difficult to interpret glyphs which might mean 'he/she/it arrives'. In the prophetic tradition, each time period has an 'event' ie verb associated with it which is performed by god(s) or natural phenomena. By analogy, we can say something like: "on Dec 21st, the Sun stops in the sky" (the solstice). If someone read that a thousand years from now, they might think that the Sun actually stops in the! what would that mean? they might speculate...the end of the world?

With no other calendar glyphs besides a Calendar Round date on the brick there is no way to know which 52 year cycle it refers to. And even if the 'event glyph' (verb) is the same as that on Tortuguero Monument 6, it still means nothing as it would be expected. Just like if we see July 4th something written in the U.S., we assume the text has something to do with Independence Day.

I have read a number of posts about this...which, by the way, are only 'cuts and pastes' of each other. That is, the same article copied over and over, by people who know nothing about the Mayan calendar, ancient Mayan tradition or much else for that matter.

If you want to learn how this all works, I will be teaching my hieroglyph class again at Santa Rosa Junior College starting March 1. This is a 6 week class, where you will learn the basics of decipherment, the calendar, the mathematical system and much more. You will be able to read Mayan texts that refer to the last Creation Day.

In case you might think I am nothing but the is something that is fun. Your Mayan/Aztec horoscope. No such thing really, but fun to look at. Click here. WARNING you will get on their email list and will receive copious quantities of stuff you might not want.

A good website to figure out Mayan dates using different correlations etc. is this one. Click here. This is a legitimate resource and you won't receive anything from them.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

We are fast approaching the year we have been looking forward to or dreading depending on your perspective. We can't say nothing is changing, because, for most of us, change has become constant.

Astrology can provide a way to navigate these times. Go to my astrology blog to schedule a reading.

Some say it will be the end of the world....well, that is happening already. You can easily say that life as we knew it is over. As to what will happen on December 21? If you are not living in present time, you will miss it...just as you miss what is happening RIGHT NOW!

It is time to see how you create your own reality and thus your own future.

Time is speeding up...we don't have to wait years or lifetimes to feel the effects of Karma. Many people report 'instant Karma'. This proves the idea that we create our own reality. Instant Karma shows us that. We are seeing the Truth of the ancient traditions revealing itself.

It is important to move towards increased integrity, taking responsibility for our words and actions. The Shift we are going through will makes us better co-creators, so we need to make sure we are creating the best possible world. Paying attention to our dreams, feelings and relationships will show us what works and what
does not work. Developing resilience and being willing to let go, will help us deal with inevitable losses.

Meditation and other techniques which improve your ability to focus attention can help you still fearful thoughts, which only distract you and keep you from being able to act in present time.

As we move into this time, I am beginning to have more and more experiences of bleed-through from other dimensions. I am finding the mystery school information from ancient Egypt is serving as a guidebook for this Shift. The ancients provided us with operating manuals geared for this time.

I think with the fall of Mubarak (and the subsequent deposition of Zahi Hawass the former Egyptian Antiquities Minister) information that has been withheld from the public will be revealed and it will be quite significant.

Up until recently, I have avoided making connections between the Maya and the ancient Egyptians, but recent events, coincidences and synchronicities are showing me more and more connections.

I now believe that they both come from a 'mother culture' because of the extent of similarities in their cosmologies and hieroglyphic writing system.

The Nine Lords of the Night, the Bolon ti ku referred to in the Tortuguero Monument 6 are the Nine great Osirian gods and goddesses of Egypt - the Ennead. They were part of the original creation and
they will return for the next re-setting.

Osiris, the Egyptian god of vegetation is the Mayan Corn God, Yum Kaax, both represented by the seed - the end and the beginning. In the picture on the left, Osiris is in the center, notice the 'vegetation' on his head. The Mayan Corn God, Yum Kaax on the right, has corn tassels on his head.

In the ancient myths both undergo death and rebirth, siring their son(s) through the intervention/assistance of wood/trees and birds.

Memory plays an important part in the creation/death/rebirth stories, because it is through re-membering that the god is restored. Memory is one of the most important functions of the mind. During the process of the Shift, we will have access to ancient memory - the akashic records with which to re-member, re-create the world when it appears to be disappearing. It will seem to fade out and it will be our job to keep the vision of the beautiful blue planet alive as we go through the event horizon. Our collective memory will re-establish the world on another dimension.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Mayans and Egyptians...any connection?

What does the end of the Mayan calendar have in common with Egyptian cosmology?

You may not know that in addition to studying the Maya since 1970, I have also been studying the ancient Egyptian language and culture. I was drawn to Egypt after watching a movie at the drive-in theater with my parents called "Land of the Pharaohs". I was around 5 years old. So...I have actually been studying Egypt since then...around 58 years!

Now that I have come the this level of research, I know enough about both cultures to be able to point to real correspondences. I will write about this shortly, for now, I want to announce a program coming up at the end of the month that is well worth participating in.

Unlocking the Pyramid Code: Ancient Egypt as a Model for Empowerment, with Dr. Carmen Boulter. She will be interviewing 6 experts on ancient Egypt including John Anthony West and Robert Bauval. This is a live stream coming from Europe on 6 Sundays and is available at different times in your local area. On the West Coast of the U.S., it will be at 11am.

You can sign up to receive this live stream on your computer and participate in the discussions, since you will be able to ask questions and interact with the participants.

To find out more click here or click the Prophets Conference banner above.

My research is showing the many ways that these cultures were connected, possibly coming from an older parent culture (Atlantis?) or even extra-terrestrial.

I do feel that this material is coming forth at this time to help us with the Shift we are going through. Ancient Egyptian rites assisted people in transformation from one state to another. These rites were both for the living and the dead. I, myself, facilitated these rites in a past life serving at the Temple of Denderah.
I will be hosting this program in my area in Northern California.  If you are interested click here for more information.

Monday, October 10, 2011

October 28th - NOT

I find it amazing that someone like Calleman is considered "a Mayan scholar", when, clearly the guy has come out of left field with ideas that are not at all supported by the over 100 years of actual scholarship in the area of Maya studies. It proves that if you continue to repeat stuff, eventually people will come to believe they are true. Repetition does NOT make something true friends.
Generally, people don't bother to find out the truth for themselves. They rely on others partly due to time and energy constraints. Things are just too complex and there is only so much time in a day. The problem with this, is that unless they do some research themselves, they will not be able to determine the credibility of so-called experts. They will continue to pass on erroneous information.

The fact that Calleman has been able to impose his ideas on the general public continues to turn my stomach. So many have taken his fantasy for the truth. His material is not based on anything real in Mayan culture past or present.

According to Calleman, the end of the calender will occur this month. BS!!!!

Who is this guy?

Recently I read yet another 2012 book. 2012 and the End of the World: The Western Roots of the Maya Apocalypse, by Matthew Restall and Amara Solari. Both academics, they show how the apocalyptic views of the first Catholic missionaries who went to Mexico during the Conquest period influenced the Maya and thus showed up in documents written during that period. The so-called predictions in the Chilam Balam which reflect the Book of Revelations are there because the scribes who wrote them had already taken on beliefs from the Judeo-Christian Bible. The book is short and easy to read. I recommend it.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Metamorphosis - Shape-Shifting Into a New World

As I mentioned at my talk "2012: End or Beginning?" the other night at the Petaluma Museum, transformation will take place naturally. It is a natural process for creatures to evolve.
I gave the analogy of a caterpillar who one day gets the notion to start building this thing - a cocoon, not having any idea what it is or what it's for. One day, when it's nearly done, she knows she has to get inside and seal it up, closing herself off from friends and family. Not understanding why or for what purpose, merely that this is what she must do.
The cocoon hangs from a branch for a period of time, but she has no idea how long she will hang there.
Letting go of all desires and needs, she feels herself dissolving. She enters a timeless state.
One day, just as mysteriously as was the beginning of the process, it is time to emerge. She makes her way out of the cocoon and realizes her whole self is transformed. No longer a creature of the earth, she now can fly. Her lumpy old body gone, instead she has wings that glimmer in the sunlight. She is nearly weightless.
She can fly from flower to flower. She is called by scent and color to travel long distances, visiting places she couldn't have imagined in her previous state. The world is all new and it is beautiful.

Once upon a time,
I dreamt
I was a butterfly...Suddenly
I awoke...Now, I do not
know whether I was then
a man dreaming I was
a butterfly, or whether I
am now a butterfly dreaming
that I am a man.

- - - - Chuang-Tzu

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ek' Waynal CD ready to order! Get yours today

It's ready! The CD of Ek'Waynal, The Galactic Center and 2012 is now ready for order.
Learn what the Maya said about 2012, and how the Galactic Alignment affects us today.

Current astrological events confirm the power of Now! The veils are thinning, transcendent experiences are available to everyone.

How can you navigate the Shift?

This hour long PowerPoint presentation is accompanied by a recorded narration by Hamida Judith Dides, M.A. who started studying the Maya 40 years ago. As an anthropologist, linguist, astrologer and spiritual seeker, Hamida is able to see the connections between levels of knowledge.

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It's 21.95 plus 3.95 for shipping and handling.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Who is Haramein?

Do you know about Nassim Haramein?

A rare opportunity to attend a Delegate Program offered by The Resonance Project coming May 6-8 in Petaluma! Check it out here and here.

Haramein teaches all over the world and having him coming here is so exciting. Not to be missed!

When I attended an evening presentation a couple of years ago by one of the 'emissaries', as Haramein's assistants are called, I realized I found something that was truly 'cutting edge'. A 'psychics' that united science and spirituality. Unified Field Theory.

I would not even try to explain Nassim Haramein's work because it is still beyond my comprehension, so I invite you to go to his website and view his YouTube videos at The Resonance Project website.

Let me say this - it has to do with a theory of the whole Creation, black holes, time/space, time travel, worm holes and ancient temples. If any of those words spark you to check it out... do it!

Haramein is the physicist of the New Age. He may just have an answer if not THE answer to solving many of the current issues that are facing planet Earth. 'Radical' ideas that explain all those things that don't make sense. He is able to communicate complex ideas so that you can totally grok them. Included in this weekend event:

"Meditation techniques based on this knowledge will also be offered as an invaluable tool to aid in further integration, as you learn how to more effectively tap into the vacuum energy and the curvature of space and time and connect to your own personal singularity."

Now if that doesn't whet your whistle, what would?

Hope to see you there.

(Oh, and by the way, this is not a paid ad, nor do I earn anything from promoting Nassim - although I am not adverse to the idea)

Friday, March 4, 2011

12/21/2010 or 12/21/2012?

For those of you who were fortunate enough to witness the Lunar Eclipse on the Winter Solstice (I was), and who know the Creation story of the ancient Maya, you may have felt that that was the big event - 12/21/2012!

It was a powerful event that is still resonating in me. After all, the alignment with the Galactic Center does take place over 36 years and the anthropologists have been discussing the correlation question for decades. They could be wrong!

2012 is not only a date, it is also an event- an event that occurs in the Underworld (the night sky). The celestial bodies and areas of the sky represent beings operating in a world. It is a sky drama, which is reflected here on earth and which the ancient Maya sought to replicate through their ceremonies and architecture.

Soon Neptune will enter Pisces, its natural sign. The veils will be lifted. Another opportunity to examine aspects of our life and by extension, our world, that are no longer working.

With the lifting of the veils, we will have increased access to other dimensions and also other beings. If we cannot deal with 'aliens' to our country from across the border, we surely will not be able to deal with ETs! Ha ha! What are you going to do when someone from Andromeda takes your job?(Surely they wouldn't want it). In fact, most will see the petty level they have been existing on- that all those things we deem important will just be gone. Reality as we know it is dissolving.

Our connection to Source is all that matters.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Ek' Waynal Workshop at Songbird Center in Cotati

I'll be doing a workshop on Ek' Waynal the Mayan Hieroglyph for the Galactic Center. What did it mean to the Maya and what might it mean for us.

John Major Jenkins says we are aligning with this place now and through 2012 and that the Maya predicted this alignment when they created their calendar around two thousand years ago. The Maya called it the "dark rift" and had a glyph for it - ek'waynal, which has many interpretations and meanings.

Learn what the Maya thought about this and how this relates to current ideas such as "the law of attraction." Presentation will be followed by group discussion.

The workshop is Saturday February 26, 2011 from 1:00 - 4:00 pm at the Songbird Community Healing Center, 8280 Old Redwood Highway in Cotati, CA

Cost for workshop - $25.00. You can use the PayPal button on the sidebar or pay through Songbird Center. For more info contact me at