Countdown to 12-21-2012

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Who is Haramein?

Do you know about Nassim Haramein?

A rare opportunity to attend a Delegate Program offered by The Resonance Project coming May 6-8 in Petaluma! Check it out here and here.

Haramein teaches all over the world and having him coming here is so exciting. Not to be missed!

When I attended an evening presentation a couple of years ago by one of the 'emissaries', as Haramein's assistants are called, I realized I found something that was truly 'cutting edge'. A 'psychics' that united science and spirituality. Unified Field Theory.

I would not even try to explain Nassim Haramein's work because it is still beyond my comprehension, so I invite you to go to his website and view his YouTube videos at The Resonance Project website.

Let me say this - it has to do with a theory of the whole Creation, black holes, time/space, time travel, worm holes and ancient temples. If any of those words spark you to check it out... do it!

Haramein is the physicist of the New Age. He may just have an answer if not THE answer to solving many of the current issues that are facing planet Earth. 'Radical' ideas that explain all those things that don't make sense. He is able to communicate complex ideas so that you can totally grok them. Included in this weekend event:

"Meditation techniques based on this knowledge will also be offered as an invaluable tool to aid in further integration, as you learn how to more effectively tap into the vacuum energy and the curvature of space and time and connect to your own personal singularity."

Now if that doesn't whet your whistle, what would?

Hope to see you there.

(Oh, and by the way, this is not a paid ad, nor do I earn anything from promoting Nassim - although I am not adverse to the idea)

Friday, March 4, 2011

12/21/2010 or 12/21/2012?

For those of you who were fortunate enough to witness the Lunar Eclipse on the Winter Solstice (I was), and who know the Creation story of the ancient Maya, you may have felt that that was the big event - 12/21/2012!

It was a powerful event that is still resonating in me. After all, the alignment with the Galactic Center does take place over 36 years and the anthropologists have been discussing the correlation question for decades. They could be wrong!

2012 is not only a date, it is also an event- an event that occurs in the Underworld (the night sky). The celestial bodies and areas of the sky represent beings operating in a world. It is a sky drama, which is reflected here on earth and which the ancient Maya sought to replicate through their ceremonies and architecture.

Soon Neptune will enter Pisces, its natural sign. The veils will be lifted. Another opportunity to examine aspects of our life and by extension, our world, that are no longer working.

With the lifting of the veils, we will have increased access to other dimensions and also other beings. If we cannot deal with 'aliens' to our country from across the border, we surely will not be able to deal with ETs! Ha ha! What are you going to do when someone from Andromeda takes your job?(Surely they wouldn't want it). In fact, most will see the petty level they have been existing on- that all those things we deem important will just be gone. Reality as we know it is dissolving.

Our connection to Source is all that matters.