Countdown to 12-21-2012

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Dawn of a New Day - a New Age

I will be offering my 6 week hieroglyph class again at Santa Rosa Junior College starting Thursday March 1. Click here to go to their website to register.

Do not be fooled by the fact that this course is offered through Community Education. It is a full on academic level course with homework - although you will not be graded or receive academic credit. When I taught it at Sonoma State University many years ago, you could receive credit. The only complaint I've had so far was that it was 'a language course and that it was difficult'. is a course in Mayan Hieroglyphs and I guarantee you, if you show up, listen and do the work, you will learn a lot!
Here we are - the year we have all been waiting for... or dreading as the case may be. Show time!

Based on my 40 years studying the Maya, the Egyptians and many other cultures, and my lifetime studying religion, mysticism, esoteric traditions, languages etc., this is what I believe is happening/will happen. We are going to experience some 'visitations' from 'extra-terrestrials that will not be deniable by our governments. They may land on the Capitol Mall or at the Vatican, for example.

They will be seen by hundreds, maybe even thousands. It will become irrefutable that we have been contacted in the past, and that in fact, our cultures have been seeded and highly influenced through time by them. That we, in fact, contain 'extra-terrestrial' DNA, referred to up to this point as 'junk DNA' (how could we have 'junk DNA' in the first place? Duh), so that we are related to them biologically.

They will again assist us as they have in the past, to make our next step in consciousness. Up until now, there have been people who have been in contact with 'them', but usually these people have been deemed part of a fringe, if not totally nuts to most people. During this year, the contacts will increase, culminating in a major event when the Nine Lords of the Night, the Bolon ti Ku, also known as the Egyptian Ennaead, will be made manifest. This has been translated as "a seeing, the display of the god(s) in a great investiture".

The veil will dissolve between our worlds and we will see them. Mayan texts which speak about what happened on the last Creation Day, corresponding to our date August 11, 3114 BC say that it was preceded by the arrival of a female and a male deity.

The one text on Tortuguero Monument 6, that speaks about the upcoming 'Creation Day' ie cycle ending refers to the Nine Gods (some say God 9, but I believe this is a mis-translation, since The Nine Lords of the Night are called by that same name).