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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Searching for True Corn

In preparation for teaching my class in a couple of weeks, I have been reviewing books I read years ago and reading others that have come out recently. It is amazing how one's perspective can change over a period of time and how you can understand something in a totally different way.

I am also doing research on what the Maya knew/know about 'portal technology'. I believe that the alignment with the Galactic Center (a black hole) gives us access to a huge portal and that we are on the brink of an evolutionary shift.

The Creation Myth of the Quiche Maya - the Popul Vuh says that there were former creations in which 'humans' were made of wood, mud etc., and that they were destroyed because of their failure to honor the gods and follow the rules, which included natural birth control.

In this current creation, humans are made of corn. I find it very interesting that corn is at the heart of our current food crisis. Almost all prepared food contains some form of processed corn. Most corn grown in the world now is GMO and threatens the hundreds of varieties of native corn. The Maya saw corn as sacred. Our corn is 'plastic'. A scientifically produced imitation of corn. We neither honor it, nor pray over it, except maybe on Thanksgiving, when we eat our packaged corn meal stuffing.

Who knows what the total effect will be on us as a result of ingesting all this GMO corn. Rather than partaking of sacred substance full of Ch'ulel, we are eating poison. One effect of this that I do know about, is that this poison creates a type of static in us that keeps us from being able to hear the Divine Heartbeat of the Universe. I suggest you look at the ingredient labels on everything you eat. Look for the hidden plastic corn and try to avoid it. Disconnect from unnecessary media. Spend more time in nature, quietly. Drive less, laugh more.

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