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Saturday, June 27, 2009

In The Flow of Time

My class is coming along fine despite my broken ankle and transportation challenges. I still can't walk or drive and have to be moved around in a wheelchair.

I am so fortunate to have Stargazer Li from Keeping Time in the class. The other night I was presenting the Calendar Round, ie. the tzolkin and haab calendars and Li added so much to the conversation.

She has been following the tzolkin for 13 years. She also produces her own 'modernized' calendar and makes incredible planetary essence blends using planets, rocks and trees. Check out her website - Keeping Time.

The first night of class, I was searching for the flower essences I had chosen to take to help me with nerves (performance jitters), but could not find them. I remembered I had Li's Pluto Potion there in the car, but thought "this is way too potent and I don't need any more excitement tonight." So I didn't take it. The tzolkin day was Etznab (sacrificial knife - obsidian or flint). Ha! The Pluto Potion contains obsidian! Wow, right on target. That first night did feel like a bloodletting ritual for me because I had so many challenges to overcome. I suffered all night and all the next day. I was not able to control my mind. It felt like some heavy karmic thing was being played out which I could at best observe. It also contains pomegranate, the fruit Persephone eats by mistake while in the Underworld. In some way, I feel this time that I am restricted to my house as a kind of journey to the Underworld. I am very familiar with it. I spend a lot of time there for one reason or another.

For the ancient Maya, the Underworld was the place of death and rebirth. The challenges overcome there would prepare one for rebirth. You didn't stay there permanently.

My interest is on the belief system of the ancient and modern Maya. And while the calendar is an intrinsic part of that, I have not taken the time to master it. I see myself more as a synthesizer. I study a wide range of topics, find connections, and pull them together. I usually don't focus on one area and go deeply into it.

It is great to have someone in the class who knows so much about the tzolkin and works with it everyday.

After class, I pointed out to her that there are 260 katuns in a Great Cycle of 13 baktuns. Could each katun relate to a day in the tzolkin? We would be in the last "day" which is Ahaw. Since a katun is approximately 20 years, the last 'day' that is the last katun of the 13 baktuns would have started around 1992 or so.

For more information on flower essences see my herb blog.
For more information on Pluto, see my astrology blog.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

We Are All Students, We Are All Teachers

Since I don't have T.V. out here in the woods where I live, I miss those few programs that are worthwhile. I get Netflix, which allows me to be selective about what I see and when I see it.

I came across this DVD of a show put out by PBS NOVA that is a must see and a must have for anyone interested in studying Mayan Culture and the Hieroglyphs - Cracking the Maya Code. I highly recommend it.

Watching it, I realize how far the study has come since I was a graduate student studying glyphs for the first time in the early 80s. Watching the DVD, I saw many people I knew and associated with then. For just a moment, I regretted my decision to abandon that path. I might have become one of those people in the program.

At the time, however, and ever since then, I realized I could not play academic politics (nor any politics for that matter). This has never been possible for me. I have not felt it was worth becoming a false person or changing just to please people or get ahead. I'm not saying the people in the DVD did that. It's just that I didn't feel I could be myself in that environment.

My path has been of a different order. With that in mind, about 15 years ago, I got deeply involved in a spiritual path. My whole life was committed to it. I began to take on responsibilities and minor leadership, but, once again, politics (yes, even in spiritual groups there are politics), drove me out. Even though I was becoming part of 'the in-crowd', I was disappointed to see people jostling for a seat next to the Teacher. Competition turns me off.

I don't think there is anything wrong with accomplishment. People who work hard and achieve goals, of all types, merit reward or at least acknowledgement. But that is different from situations where people are put on pedestals and regarded as superior.

The Mayan rulers claimed the divine right to rule, as many rulers have through human history. They wrote about their connections to ancestor gods which made them 'special' and therefore entitled.

My favorite part of the DVD is at the end where they show Mayan children learning to read and write in hieroglyphs. That would have been worth working toward.

Currently, I am becoming the author of my own life. I bow to no authority. I have a direct relationship with the Spirit of Guidance. I don't need any intermediaries. I sit at no one's feet. This requires a level of trust that sometimes alludes me. I am challenged on a regular basis. There is no one else who has THE ANSWER. Some have a piece of the puzzle. I have to follow my inner guidance system, known as Intuition, to see what is true and what is not. We all do.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Nassim Haramein, Black Holes and Resonance

Nassim Haramein claims that Black Holes are the source of creation. Recently the American Astronomical Society has found evidence that Black Holes were here first. What does this have to do with 2012?

Well, in addition to being the end of a major cycle in the Mayan calendar, it is the center point of the alignment of our Sun with the Black Hole at the center of our Galaxy.

John Major Jenkins sees this as a re-Creation moment, when the Father (Sun) connects with the Mother (the Galactic Center). His research shows that this will culminate on December 21, 2012.

Haramein's theories work very well with the ancient Mayan belief system of substitutes. Where time is cyclic and at every level of manifestation, there are objects or people who are representations of those at other levels. The holographic universe.

For example I am the current representation of a particular person who existed in the past or alternately, exists simultaneously but on a different level or plane of existence.

The concept of wormholes as connecting points between levels of reality also finds a home in both ancient Mayan thought and Haramein's theory of reality. The Maya saw them as portals to other worlds.

That's why I was so excited to find out about his upcoming training in Joshua Tree, California. It's called the Delegate Program and will take place October 30 - November 1, 2009.

I was struck by the 'coincidence' of this date, because last year I went to the Shift by the Bay conference in San Francisco on the very same days and after that, my whole orientation changed. My purpose changed. I began to view reality in a totally different way.

I signed up for this training and I suggest you check it out and sign up soon because it's going to fill up fast. Click here to find out more and register.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Evolver Intensives and John Marshall Roberts

Last night was the first in a series of conference calls offered by Evolver Intensives called "Beyond 2012: Practical Tools for Your Transformation". It lasted 2 hours and included a little Q&A but the technical stuff was a little distracting. I know these 'kid's will get it right soon enough.

When I listen to these guys I feel like a fossil. They are so smart and so young! LOL

The first presenter was John Marshall Roberts. His website: offers "Persuasion Tools for Visionaries". I love it.

His presentation was useful, informative and above all, full of heart. I plan to follow this guy. He has some very important information for us all about how to cope with what's coming. He talked about a way of understanding the different ways people communicate based on their concerns and their approach to life.

As I listened, though, I found myself being very skeptical, perhaps this is related to my age and current circumstances (stuck in the house with a broken ankle). He seems to believe that communicating with and then convincing people to get behind making the huge changes that need to be made, if we are to survive, is possible and even desirable. At risk of not being PC and being 'positive' I think that 'human nature' or at least human nature as it is manifesting today, is intrinsically self-centered. People care about their own selves, their family and perhaps a few friends. Our capacity to even imagine caring about 'the world' is limited.

Since over-population is the major reason we are destroying the environment, wouldn't it be better for the Earth if we were all gone?

I believe it was Einstein who said, "Problems cannot be solved at the same level of consciousness that created them." That being the case, we have an extremely short time to change our consciousness. The consciousness revolution we started in the '60s has only just hit some parts of this country, let alone the majority. It was 45 years ago when I first saw the Beatles in San Francisco.

The main thing that mobilizes people is disaster. I've lived long enough to observe that.

Since there is no cable here where I live, I don't watch T.V. I get shows later on Netflix. So, I just watched the whole Jericho series. I thought it was right on about how people would react to such destruction. Actually, I thought it was mild compared to what really would occur. There was little evidence of despair, depression, emotional paralysis. I also think the level of fighting over resources would be much more extreme.

Since I live in the woods, albeit not far from town, I can really feel the energetic difference when I go into town. I live near small towns in Sonoma County. Last week when I got taken to the doctor, it was overwhelming! The frenetic energy wiped me out in only a couple of hours. I can't imagine how bad it is in cities. I can feel the stress people are exuding in relation to hanging on to life as they knew it.

One of the greatest teachings my recent injury has provided was the absolute need to release everything. On the radio right now they are talking about things falling apart. LET IT ALL GO! Don't try to hold on. Relax, breathe and let it all go. It's all NOT REAL anyway! This is what the Sufis mean when they say "Die before Death". This is the basic teaching of Carlos Castenada's famous "Teachings of Don Juan". Using Death as an advisor. Learn to let go of everything because when you die, (and we all will, eventually), it will all be left behind.

I appreciate the attempts these people are making, but I can't help but thinking (cynic that I am), that people are just trying to make a buck from the situation. It could be worse. At least they are not selling Botox and Whiter Teeth. They are selling evolution.

Unfortunately, contributing to the discussion was nearly impossible since there were over a hundred on the conference call. And, as usual, Pinchbeck served as gate-keeper. Anyone brave enough to stick their necks out and look stupid or uninformed risks his smirking negativity. Sorry Daniel, but you are not a model that I would want to emulate.

To subscribe to their series go to the Evolver website.

Study Mayan Hieroglyphs This Summer

You still have two weeks to register for my class at Santa Rosa Junior College in Santa Rosa, California.
The class, Mayan Hieroglyphs, the Calendar and 2012 is offered through the Community Education department, making it more affordable than most courses offered at universities - where you must be a regular student.
This program is open to all.
The class is from 7-9 pm for 6 Thursdays. It will be offered again in the Fall in case you can't make it this summer.

We have a good group already and there is always room for more.
The course includes hands-on practice with real texts and will give you strategies for deciphering any text.

The Mayan Calendar, Cosmology and Ritual will be covered as well as the research done by John Major Jenkins.
Hope to see you there.

I am working on producing a downloadable version of the class since I have had a lot of interest from Canada and Europe.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Searching for True Corn

In preparation for teaching my class in a couple of weeks, I have been reviewing books I read years ago and reading others that have come out recently. It is amazing how one's perspective can change over a period of time and how you can understand something in a totally different way.

I am also doing research on what the Maya knew/know about 'portal technology'. I believe that the alignment with the Galactic Center (a black hole) gives us access to a huge portal and that we are on the brink of an evolutionary shift.

The Creation Myth of the Quiche Maya - the Popul Vuh says that there were former creations in which 'humans' were made of wood, mud etc., and that they were destroyed because of their failure to honor the gods and follow the rules, which included natural birth control.

In this current creation, humans are made of corn. I find it very interesting that corn is at the heart of our current food crisis. Almost all prepared food contains some form of processed corn. Most corn grown in the world now is GMO and threatens the hundreds of varieties of native corn. The Maya saw corn as sacred. Our corn is 'plastic'. A scientifically produced imitation of corn. We neither honor it, nor pray over it, except maybe on Thanksgiving, when we eat our packaged corn meal stuffing.

Who knows what the total effect will be on us as a result of ingesting all this GMO corn. Rather than partaking of sacred substance full of Ch'ulel, we are eating poison. One effect of this that I do know about, is that this poison creates a type of static in us that keeps us from being able to hear the Divine Heartbeat of the Universe. I suggest you look at the ingredient labels on everything you eat. Look for the hidden plastic corn and try to avoid it. Disconnect from unnecessary media. Spend more time in nature, quietly. Drive less, laugh more.