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Saturday, June 27, 2009

In The Flow of Time

My class is coming along fine despite my broken ankle and transportation challenges. I still can't walk or drive and have to be moved around in a wheelchair.

I am so fortunate to have Stargazer Li from Keeping Time in the class. The other night I was presenting the Calendar Round, ie. the tzolkin and haab calendars and Li added so much to the conversation.

She has been following the tzolkin for 13 years. She also produces her own 'modernized' calendar and makes incredible planetary essence blends using planets, rocks and trees. Check out her website - Keeping Time.

The first night of class, I was searching for the flower essences I had chosen to take to help me with nerves (performance jitters), but could not find them. I remembered I had Li's Pluto Potion there in the car, but thought "this is way too potent and I don't need any more excitement tonight." So I didn't take it. The tzolkin day was Etznab (sacrificial knife - obsidian or flint). Ha! The Pluto Potion contains obsidian! Wow, right on target. That first night did feel like a bloodletting ritual for me because I had so many challenges to overcome. I suffered all night and all the next day. I was not able to control my mind. It felt like some heavy karmic thing was being played out which I could at best observe. It also contains pomegranate, the fruit Persephone eats by mistake while in the Underworld. In some way, I feel this time that I am restricted to my house as a kind of journey to the Underworld. I am very familiar with it. I spend a lot of time there for one reason or another.

For the ancient Maya, the Underworld was the place of death and rebirth. The challenges overcome there would prepare one for rebirth. You didn't stay there permanently.

My interest is on the belief system of the ancient and modern Maya. And while the calendar is an intrinsic part of that, I have not taken the time to master it. I see myself more as a synthesizer. I study a wide range of topics, find connections, and pull them together. I usually don't focus on one area and go deeply into it.

It is great to have someone in the class who knows so much about the tzolkin and works with it everyday.

After class, I pointed out to her that there are 260 katuns in a Great Cycle of 13 baktuns. Could each katun relate to a day in the tzolkin? We would be in the last "day" which is Ahaw. Since a katun is approximately 20 years, the last 'day' that is the last katun of the 13 baktuns would have started around 1992 or so.

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