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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Nassim Haramein, Black Holes and Resonance

Nassim Haramein claims that Black Holes are the source of creation. Recently the American Astronomical Society has found evidence that Black Holes were here first. What does this have to do with 2012?

Well, in addition to being the end of a major cycle in the Mayan calendar, it is the center point of the alignment of our Sun with the Black Hole at the center of our Galaxy.

John Major Jenkins sees this as a re-Creation moment, when the Father (Sun) connects with the Mother (the Galactic Center). His research shows that this will culminate on December 21, 2012.

Haramein's theories work very well with the ancient Mayan belief system of substitutes. Where time is cyclic and at every level of manifestation, there are objects or people who are representations of those at other levels. The holographic universe.

For example I am the current representation of a particular person who existed in the past or alternately, exists simultaneously but on a different level or plane of existence.

The concept of wormholes as connecting points between levels of reality also finds a home in both ancient Mayan thought and Haramein's theory of reality. The Maya saw them as portals to other worlds.

That's why I was so excited to find out about his upcoming training in Joshua Tree, California. It's called the Delegate Program and will take place October 30 - November 1, 2009.

I was struck by the 'coincidence' of this date, because last year I went to the Shift by the Bay conference in San Francisco on the very same days and after that, my whole orientation changed. My purpose changed. I began to view reality in a totally different way.

I signed up for this training and I suggest you check it out and sign up soon because it's going to fill up fast. Click here to find out more and register.

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  1. it's impossible for the Sun to align exactly with galactic center ... people who say it does are idiots ... wake up ... see: