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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Study Mayan Hieroglyphs in 2010!

This coming spring semester of 2010, you have two opportunities to take my class on Maya Hieroglyphs, the Calendar and 2012. Starting in March at San Joaquin Delta College in Stockton, CA then in April at Santa Rosa Junior College. You can register online, in person, or by phone. The courses will not appear on the website until the registration period begins for Spring 2010, so don't go there now.

This is a 6 week class where you will to read what the Maya actually wrote about 'period endings'. Hands-on exercises will lead you through the decipherment process and provide you with strategies for viewing any text with increased understanding.

Students are surprised at how much they can learn in just 6 weeks. I will put you through your paces in this class. I am effectively putting a whole semester into 12 hours. But... that semester in a university would cost you thousands of dollars and you could not even take the class unless you were a student in an academic program. Since my course is offered through Community Education, anyone can take the class and it is affordable.

My years of experience teaching anthropology, linguistics, and ESL, as well as working in State and Federal government as an information specialist, tour guide and researcher, have honed my skills at communicating complex and unfamiliar information.

I live in Sonoma County, but I will be in Stockton the day before and day after class each week during the 6 weeks of the course. If you want to arrange for a flower essence consultation, a Galactic Center reading or an astrology reading, contact me to schedule by leaving a comment at the end of this post, with your contact info and I will email or telephone you.

I have the academic training...with degrees in anthropology, linguistics, I also worked on a doctorate in Mayan Studies at Tulane University and intuitive/spiritual training...plant spirit healing, flower essences, astrology, Sufism, meditation and other spiritual practices. I easily cross the bridge integrating and synthesizing from many dimensions.

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