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Monday, June 7, 2010

Shimmering Behind the Veil - A New Reality

Yesterday at the All Things Herbal Fair, a benefit for the Sonoma County Herb Exchange I had a booth selling my handmade herbal products. In addition to salves, soaps, body butters, tinctures and perfumes, I make a 2012 Flower Essence blend and an aromatherapy spray called Precious Essence to go with it. I have also made a button with the hieroglyph for the Galactic Center. Since I teach courses on Mayan Hieroglyphs, the Calendar and 2012, at the local community college (Santa Rosa Junior College) and also at Delta College i Stockton, I promote my classes at my booth as well.

Two women were interested in what I thought about what will happen in 2012. We discussed the importance of staying positive despite all the horrible things that are happening. We shared our pain about the oil spill and all the death and destruction that is coming from it.

I told them about an idea that came to me on the last night of my Mayan class at SRJC. I connected the fact that a huge asteroid created the Gulf of Mexico and the environmental effects of it caused the death of the dinosaurs and now...dinosaur blood is spewing out of that same area. To read about the asteroid research click here To read another article on Wikipedia about an asteroid that hit off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, click here Here's another extensive article on the origin of the Gulf of Mexico click here.

One of the women told me about a recent discovery of a bird that moves so fast, no one knew it existed. A mystery surrounded the pollination of a particular flower because no one had ever observed a creature visiting it. So they did a time lapse photo over a period of time and when they slowed it down, they saw this bird. Here was a bird that moved so fast, no one could see it. In effect, it was invisible because it was moving at a different speed that our everyday perception.

We talked about how there could therefore be a new world manifesting right now, and that most of us cannot see it yet because the frequency is beyond our perception.

What was amazing about our conversation was that it changed my state. Within moments of contemplating the possibility of an alternative reality co-existing right now raised my vibratory level.

They moved on to another part of the herb fair and I was elevated to another state.

The possibility that we will be able to move through an 'event horizon' into a higher level was energizing. I began to feel a sense of expectation and joy and as I sat and gazed about. The new world seemed to shimmer behind what I was viewing.

It has long been observed that people can only see what is accepted in consensual reality. Psychics, clairvoyants and those who see the dead are usually thought to be insane, especially as children. In fact, most children do see things that adults don't, but are shut down by those around them. They are told they are 'imagining things' and not to talk about it. As they age, they shut down their vision.

In Mayan mythology, humans in this current creation, were initially created with unlimited vision. Some of the gods were threatened by this, feeling they would lose their power and control, so they put a veil over our eyes. This idea of a 'veil' keeping us from seeing true reality, is fairly common among many cultures of the world.

The veil is being removed. For those programmed to see the glass half empty... that will be their reality. For those who see the glass half full... ditto. But for those who don't see a glass at all AHA! A whole different world is being born.

The rules of cause and effect that we have been raised to accept are changing. We are really not capable of knowing if something is good or bad because our perspective is too limited at this time. We don't know what the ultimate purpose or meaning of events may be. What appears to us as 'bad' may be 'good' when viewed from a different level.

While an undergraduate in the 60s, I read a book called Earth Abides. Since then, I have had an deep trust that no matter what....the earth abides. Humans and other beings might come and go, but ultimately, the earth will survive. It has gone through so many intense changes over the billions of years it has existed.

Humans have also survived some tremendous changes. We lived through ice ages.

There is no doubt we are in the midst of huge change on many levels. I suggest you try not to judge whether it is good or bad. Try to remain open and stay in present time. The extent to which you can accomplish this will determine your peace of mind and will make you more able to respond appropriately to challenges that will come up.

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