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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Teachings For Cycle Endings

For all of my European readers, Nassim Haramein will be with you in August. I highly recommend that you go to one of his presentations if you can.

He will be giving public talks in Europe in August. He will be appearing in Belgium the week of August 3, Spain the week of August 8, Germany soon after, the UK the week of August 15, and the Netherlands on August 21 and 22. More specific details will be announced soon. Go to The Resonance Project website.

Nassim Haramein will be appearing live in the Watford area of London on Thursday, August 13, 2009 from 12:30PM - 4:30PM (GMT) at the Park Inn Watford.

I first heard about his ideas from one of his emissaries who spoke in Sebastopol, CA in conjunction with Daniel Pinchbeck. After that, I watched some of the videos on YouTube and purchased a DVD.

While I have not seen nor heard all that is available by him, what I have seen is truly amazing and his so much to do with what we are beginning to experience vis a vis 2012 and the Galactic Alignment.

I have signed up for his training in Joshua Tree, Halloween weekend.

Meanwhile my own research on ancient Mayan ideas related to portals is deepening. There has not yet been a sufficient explanation of either the origins of Mayan cultural developments such as the calendar or writing system, or the 'collapse' of the culture and the subsequent decline. Perhaps the 'itzers' left through the portals/wormholes from whence they originally came. Perhaps, having seeded a particular element in consciousness that would resurface now, they were free to move on to their next 'assignment.'

Jenkins says the monuments at Izapa have instructions for those who live at cycle endings - us. Of course, I wish he would spell it out a little better for the denser ones among us - like me.

I feel I am having to piece together information gathered from many sources, then, trusting in my own intuition, come up with an understanding.

As above, so below, with Pluto at the beginning of Capricorn, all structures are either collapsing or in dire need of transformation. We simply cannot go back to things as they were, even if we could. In order for humanity to evolve to the next level, everything has to be redesigned. See my astrology blog.

Haramein's ideas are a crucial part of understanding what is occurring and it's significance.

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